Prenatal Massage

I have been working with pregnant and postpartum women for several years and find this type of massage to be incredibly rewarding. I first got into massage to work with athletes and have come to realize that pregnancy is probably the toughest endurance event there is. Many of the skills I’ve acquired for treating athletes can be applied to the changes in the body brought on by pregnancy. I recently became certified in prenatal massage by the Institute for Integrative Healthcare and am incorporating the Institute’s techniques into my treatment practice. One aspect of the certification process I found most interesting was the various pressure points that must be avoided during the massage and those that can be activated at the appropriate times.

Pre and post-natal massage requires strong communication between the therapist and the client. My approach is to let you tell me what you need. I don’t have a set routine that I follow so if you’re having lower back pain I will dedicate enough time in the session to find ways to relieve it. If you just need a relaxation massage, I can do that too. I have an adjustable table that allows me to find the optimal position to receive a massage, whether that is in the prone position in the first trimester or, by the third trimester, side-lying or propped up with plenty of support. I employ a variety of techniques and tools to treat the issues that arise from pregnancy and work with each client to develop stretching and mobility exercises that can help with problem areas.

I am available for house calls, especially at the end of the third trimester and in the first few weeks postpartum.




Erika Cardinale

Jesse was an absolute life saver while I was pregnant. My daughter really enjoyed bouncing up and down on my nerves which would send shocks up and down my entire body. After going to my doctor and the Labor and Delivery wing of the hospital, everyone told me that it was a lost cause and to just grin and bear it. Enter Jesse, my knight in shining armor. Not only did he move Callie off of my nerves, he taught me great stretches I could do to help keep her off. Then he topped it all off with an amazing foot massage for good measure. In all seriousness, Jesse did what no one else was able to do. He made me comfortable during my pregnancy and gave me the tools to safely stretch and exercise to stay comfortable. He is an invaluable resource and I will be using him again for my current pregnancy! 


Kiana waters santimer

I can’t say enough about how Jesse has helped me through the various phases of my life in the recent years! I started seeing him as an athlete addicted to crossfit and surfing, throughout a challenging pregnancy and an even more challenging postpartum state. As an athlete he was a miracle worker, helping me heal injuries that had been limiting me for ages. That magic continued as he treated my rapidly changing body during pregnancy. There were issues that came along with being quite fit to needing to be on bed rest and carrying my baby boy very low. Jesse listened and intuitively worked on helping my body stay in the best alignment and state of comfort as possible. I may have hobbled into the delivery room if I hadn’t seen him regularly.... but with his help as well as regular prenatal chiropractic work, I had a shockingly swift natural birth! Post birth, I needed body work more than ever. I had sustained what I call pregnancy and labor injuries. Jesse has continued to be an immense help. He has a way of finding the pain, the source of the pain and applying whichever technique the situation calls for. Because of his immense versatility, expansive knowledge and genuine care (he’s actually just a downright cool dude) I continue to be a loyal client. Thanks Jesse!!! 


Kimberly madsen

Massage during my pregnancy helped tremendously allowing me to continue working and enjoy my second & third trimesters. The time for relaxation and focused attention to problem areas allowed me to stay active right up until the morning of labor. During my first labor I was able to have the joyful & unmedicated birth that I desired and felt empowered. Post-natal massage was even more amazing and I believe it helped me regain my figure and athletic activities faster. Jesse is worth it, treat yourself !